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we create change our mission is to empower women of color who have an exceptional passion for human rights to take a leading role in influencing change across the globe. By providing access to key networks, resources, opportunities and support systems, we enable our changemakers to positively and significantly impact the communities and causes they represent.
we empower our vision is to see women of color empowered and recognized as fully capable agents of change in their own communities, both locally and internationally. Showing that there is a diverse face to philanthropy, volunteerism, and humanitarianism, with women of color at the forefront.
we believe
revealing the potential to influence The potential to positively influence the world is in all of us, but sometimes it needs a bit of coaxing to reveal itself.

Our group workshops and speaker sessions are geared towards equipping our community with the knowledge necessary to get them inspired to go out and actively create the change they wish to see in the world.

Are you a social impact leader who wants to help create other leaders? Do you have an organization or cause, you feel passionately about and want to get others involved ? Become a speaker for our next event! Shoot us and email telling a little about who you are and what you do at

inspiring women of color to influence Changemakers helping other changemakers—now that’s a pattern we’d like to see everywhere. We want our community to bolster each other up by sharing lessons learned and passing down the wealth of wisdom.

Our mentorship program pairs InfluenceHers with carefully vetted mentors from our community. We believe we are stronger when we stand together, with wisdom across generations, disciplines, and backgrounds.

Are you leader in the social impact world? Do you want to give back by helping someone on their path to change the world? Email us at
empowering those who influence So many women of color are doing great work in their communities already. We’re happy to simply bolster their efforts, provide invaluable guidance, and cheer them on, every step of the way.

Members who complete an application, have a real need for pro bono services, and demonstrate exceptional passion for a charitable project or cause can benefit from our one-on-one consulting. We offer free consulting in a variety of disciplines, including copywriting, fundraising, and branding.

changing the global face and perception of influence We want to prove that the power to influence doesn’t discriminate. Women of color are fully capable human beings who can change the world.

Our volunteer trips abroad show our InfluenceHers—and the people they serve—that they can also make a global impact, regardless of their race and gender.

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we are

We are the ones who see the glass half-full. We are radiators, not drains.

We are the ones who appreciate and encourage diversity in every element of our community and work.

We are the ones who seek out and admire the strengths of others. We admire them above our own egos.

We are the ones with the self confidence to tell it like it is, knowing that no challenges are insurmountable.

We are the ones who see the future and make it a reality. We bring solutions, not problems.

We are the ones who are there consistently when we’re needed. We underpromise and overdeliver.
storyteller A spunky, positive person who knows how to tell a good, attention-grabbing story—not to be the center of attention, but to forge a meaningful connection with others. Naturally attracts others because of an inherent ability to connect with others through empathy and shared experiences. Unafraid to be candid, honest, and personal.
adventurer Creative individual who’d choose cozy, shared-room hostels over fancy, established hotels, in order to rub shoulders with interesting people from all around the globe. Has a positive, resilient attitude, and understands that a few bumps in the unfamiliar road will only enhance the adventure.
traveler Ever-curious and never happy to be in one place for too long. Always mulling over a new idea, eager to grow in new disciplines, and happy to explore uncharted waters. Optimistic about a bright future, and constantly striving to accelerate the journey there.
riveter Not afraid to roll up his/her sleeves to get work done—and get it done well. (Not unlike a particular American riveter who goes by the name of “Rosie.”) Understands that every well-hammered nail and well-executed blueprint—however minor—can be an invaluable contribution to a larger movement.
our founder
britt grey founder In October of 2015, Britt left her humdrum 9-to-5 at a New York City ad agency to travel the world—and do it all on her own. While Britt enjoyed the life-changing experience of visiting 15 countries in a little under a year, travel wasn’t all fun and games; she also volunteered in Greece at the height of the Syrian refugee crisis, and mentored young girls through a small community organization in Githurai, Kenya. Her inspiration for InfluenceHers came from her time in Kenya, where many of the local students admitted they had never encountered international volunteers of color. Britt became determined to diversify the face of “voluntourism” and put more people of color at the forefront of charitable work.

As a fitness enthusiast and music lover, Britt also enjoys inspiring others to improve their physical and mental well-being—and singing at the top of her lungs in the shower!  She’s never in the same place for too long, but she’s now a proud resident of Brooklyn, New York.
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